Why Brandscaping Works

griffin family

Last night’s premiere episode of Family Guy was a huge hit, as expected by the show’s producers. The successful collaboration of the two brands resulted in a 74% increase in the season premiere episode over last year’s premiere and gave the show its highest 18-49 ratings in almost four years.  In all, the crossover episode in which the Griffin clan makes a visit to Springfield and interacts with the Simpson family was a HUGE hit.

homer and peter

Now here you have two widely popular animated series that have a very similar following, coming together to create an even more successful event. Many brands today are hesitant to join forces with other for fear that it may take away business, instead, smart business owners might want to reconsider and actually go into business with other companies: the key is it has to be a “  hot dog and bun” kind of relationship. That means, the two products or brands coming together cannot be each other’s competitors.  Instead it should be seen as benefiting the consumer to use both products as opposed to one without the other.

In this instance, each brand, Family Guy and The Simpsons, have a reputation for having crude yet hilarious comedic dialogue so of course their audiences would want to watch these two powerhouses come together.

Bottomline: Collaboration is GOOD.

4 thoughts on “Why Brandscaping Works

  1. I really liked the topic you chose to write about. I didn’t get to see the episode but I’m sure I would have loved it. I think it is smart for producers to collaborate similar shows to broaden its audience instead of competing with other networks and shows.


  2. Great topic to do. I am a huge fan of both; more so Family Guy than the Simpsons. It was a great brandscape and amazing episode. I like how you did the comparison, good stats and great photos. Only recommendation would be to make all the photos the same size but definitely since you only had two photos I would have liked to of seen the center photo to be larger. Great job overall!


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