5 People I Associate Myself With

Kenneth Dodson– Kenneth Dodson is a 51- year old retired NYPD officer who currently resides in Suffern, NY with his fiancée, their two dogs, Kobe and Bo, and Kenneth’s teenaged son from his previous marriage. This man also happens to be my father and has been the definition of the perfect parent for as long as I can remember. Growing up in the same household with someone who serves as role model to me there was a new lesson to learn every day. Because of his influence I was able to successfully navigate in the world and know exactly what kind of parent I want to be when I get older.

156347_178279268864854_6866438_n(3)Nicole Dodson– Nicole Dodson is a 51- year- old event planner who currently resides in Hillcrest, NY with her two daughters. Besides the fact that she’s my mother, she’s also one of the most compassionate and fun people to be around. My mother can instantly make someone who’s having the worst day feel better and is always willing to put her family before herself. These are all golden and rare qualities to possess but for this reason alone, I choose to always keep her very close to me.

Dominique Dodson– Dominique Dodson is a 25-year-old aspiring criminal psychologist who began her studies at SUNY Cortland. After graduating she took up employment working with mentally challenged adults and is now a social worker as she completes her degree at NYU. Dominique is an ambitious young lady who has been a role model to me and shows that you can always get back on the right track no matter how many mistakes you made.

kjKenneth Dodson Jr. – Kenneth Jr., or as I call him KJ is my extremely athletic little brother who is currently in middle school. In addition to being a star athlete on his school’s baseball team he has also remained on honor roll for several years straight. While most would become arrogant, KJ continues to be a humble young kid who would rather hang out with his family or play Xbox instead of being worried about parties and being “cool”.

gramsieAnna Boutelle– Anna Boutelle is a 77-year-old retired grandmother of five. She worked as a school prinicipal for most of her career before retiring at the age of 65. She now resides in Riverdale, NY with her husband Allen. Anna is a very loving and sweet person who goes above and beyond for her children and grandchildren, because of this she’s remained as one of the closest people to me.

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